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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Is D'banj A Member Of The Illuminati?

The chain D'Banj is wearing is a free mason Logo
Nigeria – Finally there is incontrovertible proof that Nigerian superstar entertainer, D’Banj, and other members of Mo’Hits record label headed by prolific producer, Don Jazzy, are 100% confirmed members of the uber-evil secret cult, the Illuminati.
The undeniable evidence was provided by artistes of the record label themselves, causing Nigerians to philosophically comment that ‘they have used their own hands to do themselves.’
The evidence in question is a video clip produced by the record label in which D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, Wande Coal and an unidentified man dance like gay men to D’Banjs’ new hit single, Oliver Twist.
Dr Zen Solonso, a Zen expert and an expert on everything Illuminati, analysed the video and exposed all the hidden Illuminati symbols in it.
According to him, one of the biggest objectives of the Illuminati is to turn everybody gay – this is why their known members like Kanye West, dress like Gay men. It would be recalled that D’Banj and Don Jazzy have recently signed up to Kanye Wests’ record label.
In the group’s Oliver Twist video, they did not only dance like gay men, they also invite people to record their own Oliver videos and post it to them at And they even further enticed people with thousands of dollars that will be paid to the best video.
Already there are lots of videos on Youtube showing young people, both boys and girls, dancing like gay men to the Oliver Twist song.
Dr Solonso also pointed out that in the group’s video Don Jazzy is wearing what looks like chequered trousers.
“This alternating pattern of white and black squares is the Illuminati’s mind control method,” he said.
Indeed, according to the expert, the song’s catchy tune and highly danceable sound is down to Don Jazzy’s pants.
Dr Solonso also pointed out that at some point in the video the unidentified man walks across the camera, holding a red bag and what looks like an enchanted horn.
Finally, the expert drew attention to the sound speakers and other electronic equipment arranged to spell the word ILLUMINATI behind the artistes as they dance like gay men.
This, according to him, is the strongest evidence that the video, the song, and the invitation for people to film their own Oliver Twist videos are nothing but an Illuminati plot to turn Nigerians gay.

Download Illuminate Anthem by D'Banj & Kanye West


  1. Common man are u serious...hahaha...u can't turn any one gay..gays are born that way....and the so called gay dance is the Azonto from Ghana....damn this article is up on not about doing evil...

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  2. abeg help me tell the fool that wrote this article, he needs to get his facts straight. what rubbish write-up.

  3. hey its true....he even seperated with don jazzy cos he refused 2 join


  5. C 666 staring U @ d face & U say na joke? He may not hav gotn all facts right but large chuncks of it are. Anyway if we all Bliv & stire away frm dis evil den na who go patroniz hell na? D Bible prophesey has 2 B fulfild. D illuminati's hidden agenda is utmost power, control, rule which is jst what d Bible tells d world 2 xpect frm d antichrists.

  6. Fuck this article the writers and those who believd it

  7. whats everybody problem with illuminate, not as evil as ya ll think, illuminate on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. hu says illuminati's on point?????????? u're so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow.... d article might just be right meeehhn, i even heard about his triangle pendant also symbolise The Illuminati.

  10. D'banj u cant turn us gay and u cant lie cause i also saw dat d speakers spelt illuminati u DEY FALL MY HAND u may wanna patronize hell but a lot of us dont want to


  12. Allow these men to rest. A man can make his own choice as long as he‘ll blame himself when the consequences are poured upon his soul. In the world today, GOOD MEN are defined by “interest“ it doesn‘t matter whether their shared interest is evil or good. There is no such thing as bad, for everything you are a part of is good and anything you are yet to be a part of or can‘t fathom is evil. So please! Let them breath

  13. D world is coming to an end. .expect the worse and old fast to your believe

  14. dats his own cup if shiiiitttttt.. for every bodi i would say just play yor own part on earth and let god judge.....

  15. Smh.
    Musicians these days and their love for fame is making them resort to all sorts of stupid things including joining the iluminati
    No matter what JESUS IS LORD!!!

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